ParaYoga Credit Transfer

ParaYoga Master Training Credit Transfer

On September 1st 2021 I resigned my position as a Senior Level 3 ParaYoga teacher and will no longer be teaching certified Parayoga Master Trainings or supporting the organisation.  Since then, many students have asked if they can transfer credits from the ParaYoga Master Trainings they have completed to date and complete their 300hr training certification with Inner Revolution.  The answer is YES.  I feel a strong responsibility and desire to support those students who have been negatively affected by the ongoing progression of the Parayoga investigation and situation regarding multiple major breaches of ethics by Rod himself.  


We have been granted permission from Yoga Alliance to accept credits from certain previous trainings completed with either Rod or the other level 3 Parayoga teachers to count towards the 300hr Inner Revolution Training.   There are conditions to this & it will also be on an individual case basis so please email us if you would like to transfer your credits.  


We can accept credit for the following 4 PYMT's if completed with either live with Rod (or other level 3 teachers)or on his online platform before Jan 1st 2022: 

1/ Vinyasa Krama

2/ Tantra Shakti

3/ Secrets of the Sutras

4/ Prana Shakti


If you have completed all four PYMT's with Parayoga it is required you complete the following trainings Inner Revolution training with Brad to receive 300hr Certification.

1/ Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training Level-1

2/ Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Level-2

3/ The Fourth State - Yoga Nidra & Restorative

4/ Integrated Teacher - Imparting the Wisdom

For inquiries about this, contact