Training Overview

Inner Revolution Advanced 300hr Training is at the leading edge of Teacher Training Programs in the world today.  While it is essentially a Certified Yoga Teacher Training, you will learn far beyond how to teach great yoga classes.  These ancient Vedic sciences offer us an incredibly clear worldview and philosophy to help give us bearings and structure in our life.  In addition and even more importantly they offer a powerful and practical science to guide is toward the embodiment and integration of these wisdom teachings into our world. 

The focus is on a holistic approach to the optimisation of our physical and mental functioning along with powerhouse practices and techniques to awaken more of your full human potential. These integrated teachings show us how to become grounded and embodied in our power and fully engaged in life with purpose and passion to assure we excel in our relationships, professions, and everything else we do in life.

The knowledge, practices, and wisdom learnt in this training draw from literally thousands of years of time tested, integrated science & wisdom from the sciences of Ayurvedic Medicine, Classical Patanjali and Tantric Hatha Yoga, and Vedanta.  Inner Revolution School one of few living links in the West to the ancient, unbroken lineage of the Sri Vidya Tantra & Himalayan Masters Traditions.


Training Format​

Brad's 300hr program consists of 7 individual 50hr (5 day) modules.  Each module focuses on a specific aspect of each of the Vedic systems of Ayurveda, Classical Patanjali Yoga, and Tantra Yoga.  All trainings are a combination of lectures, discussions, and also practices including asana, bandha/mudra, pranayama, meditation, kriya, mantra, self-enquiry, and Yoga Nidra.  

The 7 Compulsory 5-day Modules

Each of these 7 modules will be taught either live online or in person throughout each year so you could complete the entire 300hr in 1 year with some planning.  You can also complete the training over a number of years if desired.

While there is an ideal order in which these trainings are to be completed (listed above) we will look at this on an individual basis according to students previous training experience. 

For the optimal learning experience we recommend that:

  •  Students complete the Level 1 Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training before taking on any of the other modules.  This is to ensure the most effective learning for students.​

  • The 'Integrated Teacher' module is the final module completed of the 300hr program

This program has been skilfully and systematically developed to ensure both optimal learning and more importantly, integration & embodiment of the teachings.  Our number one goal is to guide you towards developing yourself as a skilful and embodied person first, which is the only true way of setting you up to become an authentic, compassionate, powerful, and skilled teacher if that’s your path.


The development of this training is the culmination of Brad's 30+ years of rigorous practice, extensive training & formal education, self-development, and truly diverse life experience. The ultimate intention and design of this systematic training is to utilize these ancient teachings for Self-Mastery and Powerful Inner Revolution.

Who can join these trainings?


While this is a Yoga Alliance Certified "Yoga Teacher Training" (RYS-300hr) you do not have to be a Yoga teacher or even want to be a Yoga teacher to join these trainings. These 5-day intensives are open to anyone devoted to diving deep into these rich teachings and powerful practices for their own personal development without the desire or need to become a certified teacher.  In fact, the training is highly geared towards self-development and the embodiment of the teachings which is what makes the most effective teachers and guides far beyond just being an asana instructor.

Three types of trainees suitable for this 300hr Training are:

  • Those who have completed a Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr training and want to up their teaching status to a RYT-500hr (RYT = Registered Yoga Teacher)

  • Those who are already certified at any level and need Continuing Education Units (CEU's) to remain Certified

  • Those who desire high level self-development and awareness to optimise their life skills 

Yoga Alliance Certification Process


If you are in the Yoga Alliance (global) certification pathway, this 300hr program is designed as an advanced training extension on top of a 200hr training to up your teacher status to a RYT-500hr.  

If you are going for Yoga Alliance Certification you must have completed a YA Certified 200hr program before completing this 300hr program. Please research the Yoga Alliance certification process on their site thoroughly for all details.