Pre-recorded & Live Online HYBRID training format 2021

In 2021 we have introduced our exciting new online Hybrid 50hr training format.  After teaching many of my 50hr trainings live online in the past year or so and then also offering them as pre-recorded packages, I have come up with a new system that is efficient and convenient for all.  


This year I will be scheduling in all 7 of my 50hr training modules in this new hybrid format.


The new hybrid format is basically a combination of live online and pre-recorded sessions. There will be set dates for trainings where I will introduce the training live on the first morning and then will be available various times throughout the 5 days for live Q&A sessions, discussions, and check ins. 


Students can either follow along with the recordings as if doing the training in live time or watch the recordings in their own time.  While it is encouraged to following along as if in live time, the hybrid system allows those in different time zones or who cannot take the full time off to follow the live times because of work or children commitments etc. 


Students will have full access to the recordings for 8 weeks in which is plenty of time to complete the content, practices, book reports, and quizzes.