Level II
Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

50 Hour Online Training - 8 Weeks access to content

*Next training dates to be announced*

Training Investment

Early Bird $650

After Early Bird $800 AUD 

About this Course

This 5-day Level 2 intensive is the sequel to the 50hr Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training (pre-requisite). You will build on your understanding of the Ayurvedic principles from the level 1 AYS learning to more accurately personalise practices and give helpful and powerful basic lifestyle recommendations to students or clients.  


There will be a strong focus on your personal dinacharya (daily practices) and lifestyles including a more detailed session on Ayurvedic Nutrition with Mia.  Refining and empowering our-selves is the first step to being able to confidently and effectively help others.  


Through the experience you will gain a more in-depth understanding of how to read Prakruti in yourself and others through physical assessment and other characteristics. We will also apply the principles to accurately read Vikruti through signs and symptoms presented in various ways in the body, mind, voice, or actions of either yourself or a client/student.   


We will dive into some case studies together teaching you how to read people and imbalances from an Ayurvedic perspective and most effectively prescribe a set of recommendations and practices based on your observations.  And a whole lot more!  


The basis of this training is to refine and deepen your understanding, knowledge, experience, and skills using these dynamic ancient systems of Ayurveda and Yoga.  There is no better teacher than direct experience!


Topics Covered

  • Customise Dinacharya for yourself and students/clients

  • Learn more Ayurvedic diagnostic tools

  • Communication through the Ayurvedic Lens

  • Understanding Ayurvedic Psychology and Relationships

  • Learn to give basic lifestyle recommendations to students/clients

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition and food sadhana (food combining, seasonal eating etc)

  • Putting Ayurvedic Principles into action in your life and teaching

  • Explore case studies to better understand various applications 

  • Ayurvedic Perspective of colours, music/sound and other sensory therapies

  • Plus more

Required Reading Book

Healing Your Life: Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda by Dr. Marc Halpern C.A.S, D.C, P.K.S


Price includes full tuition and training manual & access to live Q&A, it does NOT include the required/recommended reading book by Dr. Marc Halpern


The 50hr Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Levels 1 & 2 trainings taught by Brad Hay do NOT certify students as Ayurvedic practitioners. An official Ayurvedic Practitioner program is 2 years full time study and requires far greater knowledge and experience. Students are not qualified to treat, diagnose, or consult as an Ayurvedic Practitioner with clients, including giving dietary or lifestyle advice. These courses are designed to enhance and weave together students understanding of Yoga & Tantra through an Ayurvedic lens, and to introduce basic principles of to apply firstly to ones own practice and lifestyles.  With sufficient study, practice, and integration of the teachings students can practice and teach Yoga with greater skill, purpose, and efficacy and also understand themselves and others in a more embodied way.  Brads intention is to inspire and encourage students wanting to become practitioners to undergo formal and sufficient training. 

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