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50 Hour Pre Recorded Training Registrations are OPEN

Yoga Alliance Certified

  • These pre-recorded online modules are available until the 31st 2023 December only. This is the last year to complete any outstanding 300hr modules before the format changes

  • $650 USD per module

  • Access to the content until the 31st December 2023 (regardless of what date this year you purchase the module)

The Psychology of Transformation - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The human psyche is an extraordinarily powerful and sophisticated instrument. It can be our greatest asset to living a meaningful, fulfilling, happy, and purposeful life if understood and used accordingly. It can also be our greatest challenge and demise if we do not comprehend how it works and how to use it. Like any other instrument, the mind has to be understood correctly, tuned, and attended to if we want to utilise its higher faculties.

The ancient Yogic Rishis understood that what stands between our soul and our experience of life is our mind. There is no way around it, so we must learn to use it with skill and great understanding. Around 2300 years ago, great Yogic Rishi Patanjali, wrote possibly the most profound scripture on Yoga and Psychology called, ‘The Yoga Sutra’. This text is compiled of 4 chapters and 196 ‘sutras’ or ‘verses’ on the obstacles of the mind, and practices and techniques to overcome them and attain the state of Yoga, or Samadhi. The practices are self-enquiry based as well as techniques of asana, pranayama and meditation.

While the text is exceptionally detailed and maps out the entire territory of the mind, it is quite impenetrable and difficult to relate to for many students. Much of the text is written in code and the practices are not elaborated on, thus it is essential to follow the guidance of an experienced teacher to uncover these mysteries and practices to fully experience the potential of the profound teachings. In this training you will acquire a deeper and clear understanding of the mind and how to use it positively in all aspect of your life. You will gain invaluable knowledge of the teachings in the Sutras along with learning the secret, powerful, practices that are not found directly in the text. We will weave the powerful teachings of Tantra seamlessly with the wisdom and profound understanding of the Sutras to give you a practical, palatable, and transformational experience of this extraordinary scripture.

The training consists of daily asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation practices along with lectures and self-enquiry exercises.

Topics Covered

  • Practical overview of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and it’s intension

  • Samkhya Philosophy ~ The creation of the Universe

  • Dualism vs Non-Dualism

  • Prana and The Mind

  • How to practice Asana & Pranayama according to Patanjali

  • Patanjali’s Teaching on the Three Paths of Yoga (Mild, Medium, and Intense)

  • The Sacred Cave of the heart Meditation

  • Science of the Mind according to Vedanta (Antarkarana)

  • The Yogic Practice of Self Enquiry (Vichara)

  • The 5 Causes of all Suffering (Kleshas)

  • Techniques to transform unhelpful memories and emotions (Samskaras)

  • Understanding where our destructive habits and patterns come from

  • Learn to reprogram your mind and Connect to Your Higher Intuitive Self

  • Mastery of Mind, mastery of life

  • Meditation & Mantra, the keys to Success on the Yogic Path


Required reading book: Four Chapters on Freedom - Swami Satyananda SaraswatiStudents wishing to be certified in this module will need to obtain the required reading text, that will be used throughout the training and also in the prescribed homework assignment. We're currently recommending purchasing the ebook version of all books at the moment due to major delays in delivery


Please read the cancellation and extension policies below before booking: 

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