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Pricing for 300hr Modules

Fees for each 5 day 50hr module live online bought individually


Early Bird Discounts

$850 AUD each ($600 USD)  Full Payment due 30 days prior start date


Full Price

$950 AUD each ($680 USD)


Different options for completing the 300hr Training Online


  • Participate in each 5-day module taught live online by Brad Hay in AEDT (Sydney Aust Time zone).


  • Participate partially live and partially via the training recordings.


  • Participate by watching the recordings in entirety 

****Please note that if you are completing the trainings via recordings or miss any live classes we apologise that we cannot answer individual emails with questions from the training after the live training date has finished.  You may submit them during the live dates of the training and Brad will address them on the course. Recordings are a convenience for students.  

There is a one-off $150 administration/certification fee for all students pursing the Yoga Alliance 300hr Certification pathway. (if you buy the 300hr package, this fee is in addition). Students may complete the modules as they wish, even if they don't want to go for the 300hr certification, in which case the fee will not apply.

(Prices may be subject to change)  

Price includes full tuition and training manuals.

Prices for in-person training will be a higher price.​

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