Consultations (Appointments currently closed)

Click to download the Ayurvedic intake forms - these are required to be filled out and emailed back minimum 24hrs before your scheduled appointment otherwise it may be cancelled. This is to be filled out by all clients who are having their first session with Brad.

Appointments calendar is currently closed however if you wish to join the waitlist please email and we'll let you know as soon as something becomes available.

Consultations & Private Sessions

An Ayurvedic Consultation with Brad is a comprehensive examination and assessment of you and your life from an Ayurvedic and Yogic perspective. You will begin by filling out a detailed set of intake forms that will be assessed and discussed with you in the session. From this information, Brad will formulate a reading of your Ayurvedic Constitution, (Prakruti/doshas) and your current state of imbalance, (Vikruti) shedding light on possible causes of imbalance, stress, or illness you may be experiencing. ​ This may be physical, psychological/emotional, and or spiritual.  The aim then is to set you in motion to bringing balance back into your life.


Some of the methodologies used are:

  • Wise lifestyle choices & routines

  • Diet and food-related practices

  • Herbal formulas & treatments 

  • Hatha Yoga & Meditation Practices

  • Exercise and breath techniques

  • Vedic counselling

  • Be given a personal Mantra


Consultations with Brad can be either in person or via phone or video call.

Initial Intake Consultation (90mins)

To begin any work with Brad it is highly encouraged to begin with a comprehensive Initial Constitutional reading and current state assessment.  The Initial Intake Consultation consists of a comprehensive assessment of you and your lifestyles and experiences up to and including now.


Through this process Brad will determine your unique constitution (Prakriti) and address your current imbalances and challenges (Vikrtiti).  This is the foundation for understanding who you are and how you best operate and relate to nature and the world. From this foundation, we can more accurately set you in a clear and powerful direction to vastly improve all aspects of your life.  


Brad uses Pulse (when in person) and Tongue diagnosis methods, a physical examination along with Ayurvedic psychology and philosophy to give you the most accurate reading. It is advised to record this session and take detailed notes to be able to reflect on the information received.​

Yoga/Tantra/Vedic Counselling Private Sessions:

Brad has been both training teachers and working in private settings for over 22yrs.  His personal life experience and practice combined with years of training with the world’s leading teachers and programs gifts him the unique ability to guide students deeper into their practice and life on all levels. Your practice is measured by the quality of your life experience so this will be the focus, improving your life, not perfecting your backbends or handstands.  


Brad will utilise Yogic and Ayurvedic life wisdom including Vedic psychology, Tantric principles and guidance to empower you to excel in your life whatever you choose to do.  He also relies greatly on using Tantric Hatha Yoga Practices and techniques including Asana, Pranayama, Meditation Kriyas, Bandhas, and Mantra along with Ayurvedic philosophy.


Rates for Privates are as follows:
(in person, phone or Zoom)