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50hr Science of Purposeful Sequencing

Live online: 4th - 8th May 2022

50 Hour Training - 8 Weeks access to content - Yoga Alliance Certified

Training Investment

  • Early Bird $850 AUD ($600 USD) Until 5th of April

  • Full Price $950 AUD ($680 USD) After 5th of April

  • 300hr Package. $750 AUD each (Total Package is $5250 AUD)



The Tantric Sages of ancient India had a thorough and complex understanding of the physical body, the mind, and the energetics of our existence. They saw these three aspects of our being as an integrated whole.  Through deep introspection and experimentation, they developed a comprehensive system of techniques and practices that unlock the powers of our highest physical and mental potential that enables us to lead a fulfilling, healthy, and joyful life.  This system is called Hatha Yoga.   


Hatha Yoga is a scientific, time tested methodology of techniques and practices that include physical postures (asanas), purification (shatkarma) and breathing practices (pranayama), energetic locks or seals (Bandha & Mudra), meditation, and mantra. 

The Science of systematic sequencing, (Vinyasa Krama) is the process of utilizing these powerful and effective techniques to achieve specific desired outcomes according to one’s own goals & needs ranging from physical & mental health to spiritual evolution and complete illumination.  


Essentially this training focuses on the integration of Ayurvedic principles with both classical and Tantra Yoga.  We will explore the energetic effects of the 6 different categories of postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and mantra and learn the science and art of systematic sequencing (vinyasa krama) ie: the why and how of designing a specific practice for a specific purpose.    


This knowledge and wisdom is essential to becoming a skilful and effective practitioner and teacher of Tantric Hatha Yoga in both group and private settings.  Set yourself aside from the “yoga exercise” fad, its pretty much over.


Topics Covered

  • The principles of Ayurveda 

  • The energetic effects of all pose categories

  • Science of breathing

  • 5 Prana Vayus (Energetics of Bodies functions)

  • Practice & the 3 gunas (natures 3 fundamental forces)

  • The biodynamics of asana

  • Moon, Sun, Fire practices

  • Safe & Effective Sequencing

  • 3 Subtle Essences of Life  (Prana, Tejas, Ojas)

  • Design practices for your Ayurvedic Type or Imbalance

  • Appropriate practices for the Nervous System

  • Specific Practices for Meditations

  • Principles for Group & Private classes

  • Theming classes for specific effects

  • Case Studies 

Required Reading Text: Yoga for your Type by David Frawley

Students wishing to be certified in this module will need to obtain the required reading text, that will be used throughout the training and also in the prescribed homework assignment.


Price includes full tuition and training manual, it does NOT include the required/recommended reading book by David Frawley​​ - we're recommending purchasing the ebook version of all books at the moment due to major delays in delivery

Training Investment

Full Price $950 AUD each ($680 USD)

Early Bird $850 AUD each ($600 USD) Full Payment due 30 days prior start date

300hr Package. $750 AUD each ($530 USD). Total Package is $5250 AUD ($3760 USD)

Training Options:

Different options for completing the 300hr Training Online


  • Participate in each 5-day module taught live online by Brad Hay in AEST (Sydney Aust Time zone).


  • Participate partially live and partially via the training recordings.


  • Participate by watching the recordings in entirety

8 weeks access to the content from Live start date (All assignments need to be submitted within this time-frame also)


Please read the cancellation and extension policies below before booking: 

Science of Purposeful Sequencing

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