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50 Hour Training - 8 Weeks access to content -Yoga Alliance Certified

Training Price

  • Early Bird $600 USD (Approx $850 AUD)

  • Full Price $680 USD (Approx $950 AUD)


New Live Dates TBC


Tantra - The Power & Mastery of Prana

The ancient wisdom teachings of traditional tantric hatha yoga are possibly more relevant now than ever before. In our modern and rapidly shifting paradigm with an amplitude of both internal and external challenges it’s crucial to become as stable, resilient, and powerful as we possibly can.    

The tantric approach to Yoga primarily focuses on the cultivation and masterful use of energy (prana) in all its forms. The great tantric visionaries understood that by controlling energy through various techniques including asana (postures), pranayama (breath), bandhas (energy locks), kriyas (techniques), mudras (seals), mantra (sacred words), and meditation we can control the content and focus of our mind and ultimately master our own lives.  


In this training we will explore the key principles, philosophy, and practices of tantra to cultivate self-knowledge, inner power, and the integration of both spiritual and material prosperity.  These incredible teachings and practices hold the secrets to thriving physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Topics Covered: 

  • Overview & Scope of Tantra Yoga

  • The Transformative Alchemy & Science of Tantra Yoga

  • The 3 schools & 2 paths of Tantra Yoga

  • Moon, Sun, Fire & the 7 Stages of Hatha Yoga (Gheranda Samhita)

  • The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  • The Energetics of Hatha Yoga

  • The 5 Pranic Forces (Vayus) in the body and their functions

  • Agni (Fire) – The key element to transformation

  • A Map of Subtle Body 

  • Chakras & Nadis

  • Masterful use of Asana, Bandha, Pranayama

  • Tantric Meditation Kriyas

  •  The Science of Mantra

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Learn a Ganesh Mantra to begin all Tantric practices


Required reading book: Tantra Unveiled by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Students wishing to be certified in this module will need to obtain the required reading text, that will be used throughout the training and also in the prescribed homework assignment. We're currently recommending purchasing the ebook version of all books at the moment due to major delays in delivery

Training Investment

Full Price $950 AUD each ($680 USD)

Early Bird $850 AUD each ($600 USD) Full Payment due 30 days prior start date

Training Options:

Different options for completing the 300hr Training Online


  • Participate in each 5-day module taught live online by Brad Hay in AEST (Sydney Aust Time zone).


  • Participate partially live and partially via the training recordings.


  • Participate by watching the recordings in entirety

8 weeks access to the content from Live start date (All assignments need to be submitted within this time-frame also)


Please read the cancellation and extension policies below before booking: 

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