Divine Code Of Nature Retreat Terms & Conditions / Cancellation Policy September 2021

Terms & Conditions:

 Inner Revolution Retreats

We are a small boutique company. All deposits and monies paid are non-refundable. Inner Revolution Retreats highly recommends that you obtain travel insurance even for domestic bookings in case of injury, emergency or cancellation. Unfortunately we cannot refund you for these occurrences.

Please make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions & Acknowledgement of Risk before making your online booking with us to join us on this incredible retreat.

Once you make the decision to book and pay for the Retreat facilitated by Brad and Mia Hay – you are committing to attend. By registering you have agreed to the following terms:

Terms and Conditions

  1. This is a morally and legally binding agreement. Payments are non-refundable even if the Retreat has not yet commenced.

   2. There is a NO REFUND policy as the payment is used to make the initial booking and to secure the package price.


   3. Complete payment for the retreat package must be made in entirety 6 weeks prior to the commencement date          of the retreat.  This includes payment plan options and you will be notified  via email if your payment plan should          extend beyond the 6 week time frame to arrange for your final payments schedule to meet this date.

   4. If cancelation needs to occur (including cancelation due to COVID travel restrictions) then the funds can be                  transferable to a future Inner Revolution event or training  which may include a retreat or training module,                      MINUS the non-refundable deposit of $500.  *Please note that future retreat dates may change, vary or                        would not be available and that the funds could transfer towards another event or training.

   5. A 10% late fee may be charged for payments not received, or unable to be processed, by each instalment due              date.

   6. If paying by payment plan, I understand that if, for any reason whatsoever, I do not make a full and complete                payment, then I may no longer be eligible for this payment plan and I may be fully responsible for the total sum            immediately.

   7. If paying by payment plan and my payments consistently decline and my account is in  default, I will also be                responsible for any additional fees charged by the registered Collection Agency or legal team to handle receiving          the full outstanding amount due.

   8. I understand I am being charged in Australian Dollars and the actual charge on my credit card will depend on the        exchange rate from Australian Dollars into my own currency at the time of the banks processing. I understand              Brad Hay Inner Revolution Pty Ltd charges in Australian dollars and has no control over the international exchange        rates.​

Acknowledgement of Risk

By voluntarily participating in the Inner Revolution Retreat and receiving the Retreat Services,

I acknowledge that:


  1. I acknowledge that I am aware of my own physical abilities and or limitations and will responsibly make my own choices regarding my own limits when under the guidance of the facilitators.

   2. If any injury should occur during the retreat under the guidance of the facilitators, I agree to hold full responsibility         for my own choices and actions.


   3. I agree that I am solely responsible for my safety when participating in a Facilitated Retreat with Inner Revolution.


   4. I warrant and agree that I will take all actions necessary to minimize any risk and chance of injury, including by              ensuring that:


     - All parts of the Facilitated Retreat are within my recognized capabilities or I adjust my activity level and                         involvement according to my own level of ability.

     - I will advise the Facilitators if I am taking any medication or have any physical or other limitation that might affect         my participation in a Facilitated Retreat;

     - I will advise the Guide immediately of any concerns I am having during a Facilitated Retreat;

     - If I become unwell, I will notify a Facilitator.


Before making my booking, I have read this agreement and accept all Terms and Conditions and I agree to the Acknowledgment of Risk.