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Live Online Practices 

Classes are currently hold until the new year

Saturday Sanity Series with Brad Hay: 75min 9am-10:15am AEDT $20 

A themed hatha yoga practice with purpose! Brad will introduce the theme with a brief talk first. There will be a combination of movement & asana, breathing techniques/pranayama/bandhas and meditation and/or yoga nidra at the end of the practice to leave you feeling steady, clear & revitalized.  

Some basic Asana Experience will be helpful.  


Tantra Tuesdays with Brad Hay: 60min 6:00 – 7:00pm AEDT $20  

These practices include mild therapeutic movements including joint rotations, followed by mild and supported asanas combined with breath work/ pranayama and finishing with either a Meditation and/or Yoga Nidra practice. A regenerative and deeply healing class. 


Serenity Sundays with Mia Hay: 75min 9am-10:15am AEDT $20  

A practice for deep restoration & calming the mind. Beginning with centring breath work followed by gentle movement, then sinking into restorative poses that engage the breath to deepen relaxation. Ending with a yoga nidra or savasana & pranayama. This practice will leave you feeling a deep sense of reconnection, grounding and serenity.  

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