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These are structured as live events. They are recorded for the convenience of those in different time zones or with work/children obligations. They are to be treated as a live event where students take notes and follow instructions as directed during the entire course. You will have 8 weeks of access to the recordings before they expire.

If you are not attending the event Live, then as much as possible pretend you are! (other than being able to ask questions or make comments). Be focussed and present to get as much out of the lessons and practices as possible.



You will be granted 8 weeks access to the pre-recorded courses from your purchase date, so please only buy them when you are ready to begin. These are designed for those who are unable to attend the courses live or who have only specific times/days in which they can watch the recordings. There will be homework to complete in order to receive certification that must be completed within the allocated timeframe. The pre-recorded courses are also able to be counted towards Brad's 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

General Schedule Guideline 


This is a basic (non-rigid) schedule of how the Live sessions will go, to allow for the flow of the collective group and questions, etc. 

8:30am-10am Lectures/Mantra

10am-11:30am Practice including Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Meditation

11:30am-12:30pm Discussions/lectures

12:30-1:30pm Lunch/ Break

1:30pm-3.00pm Lectures, exercises, discussion

3-4pm Practice - Yoga Nidra, Ayurvedic Restorative Yoga.

4-4:30pm Discussion/lecture 



Upon completion of the online recordings and once allocated homework/quizzes are completed and passed, you will be sent your certificate via email. 


If you are participating in a ParaYoga Certified training with Brad, you will have the unique opportunity to receive 3 different certifications:

· 1. ParaYoga Master Training Certificate towards ParaYoga Certification - (no previous training required)          

· 2. 50hr Certificate towards Brad Hay's 300hr YTT - (If you are already 200Hr Yoga Alliance Certified)             

· 3. 50hr Continuing Education Units - (If you are already 200hr or 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified )


Brad Hay is one of only 6 Para Yoga Level 3 Certified teachers in the world authorised by master teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker to teach and certify people in 4 of the ParaYoga Master Trainings. ParaYoga is considered to be one of the most respected, comprehensive, and prestigious Traditional Tantra Yoga Schools in the world. 

You will usually receive your certificate from Brad first, and your ParaYoga Certificate within the following weeks.


Yoga Alliance CEU's

Brad Hay is a YACEP ( Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) and by completing this training as well as the required exam and book report afterward you will qualify for 50 (CEU's) Continuing Education Units. 35 hours of this training will be direct contact hours and the remaining 15 Hours will consist of your book report, Ayurvedic practice lessons and reading and exam time. 



When completing a ParaYoga Certified training, you will be required to complete 2 different quizzes. One is based on the allocated book for that specific training and the other is based on the training content and manual. The quizzes will be sent to you after the training is complete. It is recommended to complete them within 8 weeks of the training. You have 3 attempts at the quizzes and must received 80% or higher to pass. Please ensure you take your time and be careful with the spelling, as the quizzes can be touchy.

When completing a training that is not ParaYoga certified, you will be given a homework assignment to complete and send back. You will need to receive 80% or higher to pass and will be contacted if you need to fix anything. Please no need to stress about these tasks, they are designed to be an enjoyable way to absorb and integrate the learning of the training. 


Book/required reading

We understand when ordering books online they do not always arrive on time for the training. Please do not worry if you don't have your book during the training, you will only need it in order to complete the homework afterward. If you do not wish to get the certification from the training, the book is not mandatory, however is recommended for your own knowledge and learning. Another option is to obtain an ebook version of the text which will give you immediate access to the book.


Training Extensions

Important notice on extensions 2021:

While we understand unavoidable things come up in life and try to help out as much as we can, as of 2021 we will be charging a $150 fee per week for any extensions required for the 50hour online courses, with a maximum of 4 weeks extension all up. These courses are serious, certified intensives and must be treated as such. We currently allow 8 weeks to complete the 5-day courses, and it is up to the student to manage their time effectively in order to meet the deadlines. The quizzes/homework assignments are to be handed in within this time frame, if you wish to receive your certification.


200hr info

Brads’ 300hr YTT

(We recommend watching the FAQ video below explaining the 300hr)

This 300hr Advanced Training format consists of 7 compulsory 5-Day (50hr) modules - Because of the online nature of these modules, each training is technically 40 "contact" hours and 10 "non-contact" hours (The minimum hours for the Yoga Alliance 300hr Certification are 280 contact & 20 non-contact). This training is not currently taught in one long event. The modules will be offered separately throughout the year. It’s possible when COVID restrictions are completely lifted Brad may offer the 300hr in two 150hr modules at some point.


300hr Application fee


The related application fee of $150 AUD is a part of how we manage the many aspects of your training experience including but not limited to all of the administration costs of carrying each student through an organised process as well the certification involved. You will only need to pay the fee after your application has been accepted.




When will I know about my acceptance into the 300 Hour training? 


We will notify you within one week of receiving your application as to your acceptance into the program. You will not have to pay the fee until your application has been accepted.


If I have completed previous Para Yoga modules with other Level III Para Yoga teachers (not Brad Hay) can these count towards completing the 300 Hour Embodied Wisdom training? 


In order to complete the 300 Hour Embodied Wisdom Advanced Teacher Training all of the required courses will need to be completed through Brad Hay only. This is due to the regulations and terms of Yoga Alliance that students must complete a 300 Hour training through only one school, and not through selecting different trainings like a menu from different programs. While this may be not ideal for students of Para Yoga, we do acknowledge the importance of a cohesive learning experience and Yoga Alliance supports this shared value of ours. 

Prerequisites for the 300hr

If you are already a RYS-200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, then successful completion of this 300hr Training will take you to the RYS-500hr level. To clarify, it is not compulsory to have have done a 200hr YTT to participate in these 5 Day Training modules, you can do them for your own skills and knowledge. However, if you do wish to obtain the legitimate Yoga Alliance 500 YTT qualification, you WILL need to have completed a Yoga Alliance Registered 200hr Yoga Teacher Training as a prerequisite to the 300hr program. You will need to have completed your Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Training PRIOR to partaking in any of the 300hr modules in order for them to count towards the 500hr Certification.


Is there a final exam? 

Yes, Click Below for info